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The Goal

Farmers WifeNothing is more important to any business than having a clear “North Star” to follow.  It is especially essential to maintain your bearings for developments in which external en internal resources are used. For every development we look into the mirror to see if it is congruent with the reason for Growingdutch to be founded and if we maintain our bearings with each and every asset allocation. 


Our mission is to empower communities with the resources required to produce healthy, sustainable and locally grown vegetables.

We believe that every large city in the world needs to be self-sufficient in terms of fresh food production. Therefore we want to create the opportunity for private and institutional investors alike to opt into the sustainable production of fresh foods near growing cities around the world.

To that end, we’re committed to a neutral carbon footprint, production on a manageable scale and premium traceable biologically grown vegetables. This pursuit creates food-security and job-security one city at a time.


We envision a world in which we don’t to transport perishable vegetables across borders but produce them where they are consumed.

Ensuring sufficient food supply is a challenge that has been going on since our species walked the earth. Increasing the production efficiency has brought us a long way in this endeavor. But now our food system has become a complex international network in which production is centralized and all driven by costs.

We believe that it is important to pay the fair price for locally grown food. It is local food that keeps us healthy, our economy strong and our communities independent.