Our planet is facing unprecedented challenges in terms of health care, food security, water pollution, water shortage and energy management. GrowingDutch takes on these challenges by applying intelligent greenhouse technology to produce safe and healthy food. Investing in greenhouse horticulture is an investment for today and the next generation. GrowingDutch offers you the opportunity as a land-owner or investor to partake in our greenhouse investment projects at strategic locations around the world. Find out more on our website about the attractive returns greenhouse technology may provide for you.

Who we are

Growingdutch is a greenhouse investment vehicle created to enable sustainable greenhouse projects to start-up in strategic places around the world.

The growingdutch team has a reputable background in the development of greenhouse projects and an extensive network in the greenhouse and financial sector.

By implementing the smart standardized DutchGreenhouses, we are certain of the quality, standard operational procedures and maintenance programme. 

The Story

Growingdutch developed from a strong demand in the market for an investment vehicle in food security. The sheer potential of greenhouses to provide cities in the world with fresh vegetables must be met in the near future to sustain the way of living as we know it.

As growingdutch, we approach greenhouses as cash generating assets, prime real-estate. Quality therefore is top priority in the development of the facility and the property is the key to its value. We understand as no other that this type investment possibilities are needed to unleash the full potential of sustainable, local-to-local, greenhouse projects.